Our Vision Includes You Multi-utility Token and NFT Ecosystem
Leveraging the use of the most trusted technologies
App Features VirtuaSWAP app offers users a wide variety of features to manage their account easily and to view transactions instantaneously.
Open Multiple Wallet Account
You can create personnel or joint or business wallets based on your needs.
Customized NFT Marketplace
All your NFT game assets can be viewed and traded in the future.
Earn Rewards
Purchase using Virtuacoin and earn instant rewards at approved stores.
Our security features range from geo-location-based lock, mobile OTP, biometrics, and much more.
Apps and Games
All transactions and purchases across all our apps and games can be viewed in real time in Virtuaswap app.
Advanced Recovery
Use your seed phrase to recover your account securely.
Download App Virtuaswap is a dedicated wallet app for managing your accounts, earning referral bonuses, store rewards and NFT game assets.
Upcoming Airdrop Schedule
Community Our community of gamers and token holders across the globe.
Roadmap Our vision to game-fi started in 2017. A snapshot of your journey can be found below.

Project Vision


Virtuacoin Trademark

April, 2018

R&d and Architecture completion

November, 2019

Virtua Finance Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia

20 September, 2022

Certik Audit

11 October, 2022

Published Whitepaper

November, 2022

Geo location based airdrop closed beta testing

18 December, 2022

Virtuaswap Android and iOS launch

10 April, 2023

Rushraids Android Launch

25 April, 2025

Rushraids PC Launch

30 April, 2025

Virtuaswap ticketing system for support

April, 2023

NFT game asset listing

May, 2023

Token Deployment

?, 2025

Token presale

?, 2025

Virtuacoin Airdrop

May, 2023

Virtuaswap web panel

May, 2025

NFT Land sale Phase 1

Oct, 2024

3rd Party token listing service

April, 2024

Virtuaswap Business rewards

Jan, 2024

Tuti Games

November, 2023

3rd Party collectable airdrop service

December, 2023

Rushraids updated release with more features

December, 2023

Virtuaswap app with more features

December, 2023

NFT market place in Virtuaswap


Unity SDK for 3rd Party Game developers

March, 2024

VR/ AR initiative


Racing game launch


Custom Token Creation

Dec, 2023

Custom Token Airdrop

Dec, 2023

VirtuaGrid Phase 1 Completion

Jan, 2024

VirtuaSWAP Business App Launch

Feb, 2024

VirtuaSWAP Store Rewards

March, 2024

VirtuSWAP Reward Rewards

March, 2024

VirtuaSWAP Apple Wallet Integration

April, 2024

Tuti Games - Phase 1 Completion

April, 2024

Tuti Games - Chess and Pool Beta

May, 2024

VirtuaSWAP eCommerce Rewards

Aug, 2024

Coming soon

Coming soon
Play and Earn Virtuacoin Our game-fi projects are giving a glimpse of what is yet to come.
Join Partner Program

Our partner program is for businesses to offer Virtuacoin as rewards, airdrop
collectables, coupons and offers to a specific geolocation.

About Us
Land Sale
Medal Minting
(In game currency)
Product 3D scans
Staff Awards
(Pref.base daily rewards)
Cleaning Manager
3 Define Technology
Staff Awards
Reddy Ride
Ai Games

In 2018 we developed the idea of a crypto currency that can be used in game, in store rewards which immediately captured the curiosity of our team and we started working on the idea. From the point when the project was initiated to its conclusion there were many bottlenecks. This journey from the selection of technology to the design of the architecture to the development of a safe product was challenging and inspiring. With VirtuaCoin, we believe it is designed to be secure and safe for everyday users, while acting as a steady currency format where users can continue to trust its value and use for a long time. Over the years, we have created countless proofs of concept to test core features and functionalities.

Tokenomics virtuacoin is a multi-utility token that can be acquired from games, apps, store rewards and can be spent on virtual and physical product purchases.
Virtua will play an integral role in the in-app governance to ensure alignment towards the vision of making Virtua a truly Decentralized game.
We use Polygon as our blockchain to develop virtuacoin; Polygon is a layer - 2 solution to Ethereum’s problems. Solving Ethereum cons such as poor performance and high gas fees.
NFT Transactions
Virtuacoin will be used to pay transaction fees, platform commissions and developer royalties. The token will also be used for the curation of the platform.
Contact Us

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Ask us anything about the virtuacoin, projects or anything you need.

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