Vision One night, our Founder and CEO, Mr. Raghulan Gowthaman, had a futuristic vision while he was pondering over the thoughts of financial freedom of the salaried personnel who work from morning to evening daily and are still not able to meet their financial needs,” why financial freedom remains a dream to many, why we continue to worry about our future despite working hard for many years, while on the other hand, doing what we love doesn't make us wealthy”.
Being a gamer himself, the idea that was conceived in his mind was “Why should no one get paid for doing the work they are passionate about and why shouldn’t gamers get paid for the time they spend playing the games they love and are passionate about”. This triggered the birth of the notion of “VirtuaCoin”. Hence VirtuaCoin was born in 2018.
Most people around the world are concerned about their financial security, especially during times of war, global financial crisis, or pandemics. Our hard-earned money loses its value and we are powerless to stop it. Argentinean people have recently turned to Bitcoin as their peso currency has lost more than half of its value. Similarly, during the Russian-Ukrainian war, the people of both countries used cryptocurrencies. Besides being a savior during times of crisis, cryptocurrencies may also give much-longed financial stability to people.
Blockchain technology, which is the backbone of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, has disrupted traditional financial systems and created a more robust, democratic way to transact, save, spend, and invest. As a result of cryptocurrency, a common person (a crypto-miner) now has the means of running an online bank to verify transactions, which is not only safer and superior to data stored in current banking systems but has also eliminated several bloated fees like international transaction fees, exchange rates, and fines. It would be ground-breaking if we could combine blockchain technology with gaming to enable millions of gamers around the world to do what they love and earn passive income in that process.
The gaming industry in recent times has experienced a steady influx of new gamers. Millions of hours are clocked each hour by gamers around the world, where human potential is wasted without any return. VirtuaCoin aims to solve this problem by creating a cryptocurrency where gamers get paid for their skill and time. A lot of crypto games, such as crypto kitties, and axie infinity, are web-based and offer little in terms of action for hardcore gamers. Thus, we created Rushraids a 3D action game similar to Pubg in which users can compete in battle royales and tournaments and earn cryptocurrency. In rush raids, battleground land can be purchased as an NFT where landowners will earn a regular income as more and more players play the game. As with ProxRacing, you can race other players online with real Virtuacoin.
The Virtuacoin system can also be used as a rewards program for businesses, offering VirtuaCoins to their customers as a reward with a plug-and-play reward app. At the moment, we have partnered with HurryGuru Australia and India, where customers can earn rewards on selected items in our store and redeem their Virtuacoins
Goodies don’t stop there; we have three-tier referral rewards, We offer standard rewards to all, where you earn 1% of the earnings of your followers. Influencer, if you have more than 5000 followers or have a strong following on any social media such as YouTube you would be automatically upgraded to the influencer referral program where you earn 2% referral earnings. Ambassador, this is our topmost tier where if you have more than 20k followers or have a social media following of over 500k, you would be eligible for a referral earning of 3%. Virtuacoin will also be introducing a dedicated wallet app where users can securely manage transactions, and transfer tokens to their external wallets such as meta mask or trust wallet. Click here to download the wallet app.
With Virtuacoin everyone is a winner!
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